Hot Sauce

I know right that title!!!!Hot Sauce!!!!1 who doesn’t like hot sauce, well… good news, I am designing labels and packaging for hot sauce. I am so excited, even though I don’t know much about hot sauce, but why not, bring on the RESEARCH!!!!!



Making a website from scratch is very interesting, I mean, just building something and watching it come to life is the greatest feeling in the world, however, sometimes people want something quick, and nice and for a fraction of the cost, Wordpress is awesome for this type of work , since it gives you freedom to design and meet your clients’ needs at the same time.

This week was one of those weeks where i had to make a website really quickly for a business based here in north Carolina, and all I can say is Thanks wordpress

Here’s a link to it so you can go check it out


App development II

An update on the app development , After much deliberation, I decided to go with the app entertainment hub app, and called it  “Out and About”, coming up with an icon for it was a bit challenging, I knew I wanted a skyline and the name of the app on the icon, and I think the biggest challenge I had was incorporating the text into the graphics. These were some of the icons I started with:



and my final  app icon



App development

This week we had to come up with an idea for an app, and design the whole look and feel of the app, I had three ideas for the apps; the first idea I had was an app that serves as an entertainment app to help people find events happening around them and to attend them too. The second idea I had was “the perfect gift” app, an app that helps people find the best gift for different occasions, and the last idea Ihad was for a “workout buddy” finder, to help trying to fit or maintain fitness meet and encourage each other to work out together.

Book Cover

This project is about creating a book cover for an empty book, and the title of the book has to indicate in some way that the book is empty, but still look visually interesting enough to make someone pick up the book and open it. I think this should be interesting, I love to read and designing a book cover should come as second nature.

Auto Expo-Mania 2

I was cautiously excited about this project because I was curious to see how far I could push myself to come up with a design that would fit the requirements the clients want, However,from the initial sketches, I had that cautious optimistic smirk solidly smacked off my face as I realized that this project was infinitely harder than I presumed it’d be., and by the second round of sketches, I was ready to be done, here are all the preliminary sketches;