Sign A’ Cause III

I have been working on this project for sometime now, and from the last sketches and discussions with some of my graphic design colleagues we agreed that the “occupy Hunger” image with a fork as a thumb probably works the best, so I took that one and worked with it, and here is how it turned out occupy-hunger-poster

I also made variations and mockups of some other ones just to see how it would look as a campaign.


2-free-keychain-mockup-psd-filesI was pretty happy with the urn out, however, I may have to go back in and add a “call out” to these




Sign A’ Cause II

So I had a lot of sketches on the last post, an now , the next step of the process is taking the strongest design sketches and expanding them into as many versions of each of them as I can, and to see how much further some of the designs can be pushed, attached below is my next group of sketches.





Sign A’ Cause

Have you ever wondered what you purpose was and what you could be doing to make the world better? It is a question I ask myself often and as a graphic designer, i believe i have a responsibility somewhat of making sure that the information that need to be known is told in a way that attracts and hold attention long enough for people to do something about, and this was the basis of this project, just thinking about the world and making sketches of solutions to what I think are the problems we face in the world.


here are some of the ideas i was working with