Book II

My book cover is progressing very nicely, I have a few ideas , coming up with ideas for an empty book is not even remotely easy but it was fun



Book Cover

This project is about creating a book cover for an empty book, and the title of the book has to indicate in some way that the book is empty, but still look visually interesting enough to make someone pick up the book and open it. I think this should be interesting, I love to read and designing a book cover should come as second nature.

Auto Expo-Mania 2

I was cautiously excited about this project because I was curious to see how far I could push myself to come up with a design that would fit the requirements the clients want, However,from the initial sketches, I had that cautious optimistic smirk solidly smacked off my face as I realized that this project was infinitely harder than I presumed it’d be., and by the second round of sketches, I was ready to be done, here are all the preliminary sketches;